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CD Duplication


Crazy Daisy Productions provides CD duplication services as part of our Production Packages. Currently we offer two packages that include duplication: Mix&Mater Promo Pak and CD Promo Pak.

CD Promo Pak Packages

Our popular all-in-one turnkey package includes audio mastering, CD duplication, graphics services, digital distribution through ITunes and, UPC barcode, YouTube/Facebook video, digital sales through your Facebook page, and more. Everything you need to complete your audio project and hit the ground running. See our CD Promo Pak page for detailed rates and information. Or use the calculator below for an estimated cost on the total package price for your project, with or without the extra services included.

Mix&Master Promo Pak Packages

Crazy Daisy also offers a Production Package that incorporates everything you get in the CD Promo Pak package, plus mixing services for a complete start-to-finish professional sounding and looking CD. Packages available for Demo, EP, or full albums. See our Mix&Master Promo Pak page for rates and more details.

CD PROMO PAK: Mastering,Graphics,Duplication,Distribution Package

Standard CD Promo Pak packages include the following (unless you opt out in the selections below):
  • Full Album Mastering (up to 20 tracks/80 minutes)
  • Graphic Design (from photos/notes/etc. you provide)
  • Gold Audio Master CD and Artwork CD (for your own archives)
  • Proof Copy CD shipped to you
  • Online Distribution through ITunes, Amazon, etc. and a Facebook app to sell your tracks (not available on plain paper sleeve packages)
  • Promo video of album to use on Facebook, YouTube, websites
  • Complete full color CD Duplication with barcode and shrinkwrap included
  • All shipping/tax included in prices listed

Step 1. Choose Options for your CD Promo Pak Package:

Full Album Mastering OPTIONS:

Include variation tracks for this album?   Variation tracks are versions of a full track, such as radio edits, instrumentals, or performance tracks.  Price for a Variation Album when added to a Full Version Album is $199.

More than 20 tracks in this album?  

Add mix analysis for any tracks?   Mix analysis adds a brief report from a mixing engineer with comments on any suggested mix changes or confirmed approval of the current mix before mastering so that you can have an opportunity to revise your mixes, if needed, for potentially better final results.  Price is $5 per track.  Adds 1-3 days to the timeline.

Vocal+instrumental separation mastering on any tracks?   Vocal+Instrumental Separation Mastering allows you to supply 2 tracks per song: 1 instrumental and 1 vocal, so that the mastering engineer has more detailed control over EQ and Level adjustments during the mastering process.  Price is $10 per track.

Add touch-up mixing (stems mastering) for any tracks?   Touch-up Mixing or Stems Mastering allows you to provide up to 6 stereo tracks per song. A mixing engineer and mastering engineer collaborate to provide you with optimal mastered results from your stems.  Price is $20 per song.  Adds 2-4 days to timeline.

CD Duplication OPTIONS:

Choose Package Type and Quantity:  

Let Crazy Daisy Productions assemble your CD Artwork?  

Let Crazy Daisy Productions provide you with a UPC Barcode and set up your online digital distribution and sales?  


Step 2. Indicate SPEED OF SERVICE

Speed of Service   Shorter timelines have increased prices.



  =   $

If you need to change any options please repeat step 3 to update the total price.
The price listed is an estimate as there are other options available to you when you place the order which may alter the final total.


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"The CDs arrived and they look and sound great! Crazy Daisy did an awesome job! Thank you not just for the technical elements of the art and audio, but for the caring attention to the music and all the facets of the process. It was great working with you and Crazy Daisy, and I will give a hearty recommendation to anyone I encounter looking for a good production company."

- Prahlad

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