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Pioneers of automated intelligent mastering systems, offering online mastering since 2003. We were the first to develop an intelligent digital mastering to assist our engineers to produce quality, reliable mastered sound at an affordable price. We have been continually upgrading and improving our mastering system to best utilize current techology and to ensure that the sound produced always stays pertinent to the music sensibilities of the time. By combining state of the art digital audio technology with professional human engineering experience gives you the best possible audio mastering results. With over 15 years of experience in providing high quality online audio mastering services, you won't find anyone else with our degree of experience in this field. If you want the best sound, at a price that's affordable for everyone, look no further - you have arrived.
- Crazy Daisy Mastering

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The Crazy Daisy Mastering Process

Details on the steps involved in the Crazy Daisy Mastering process. We combine intelligent computer mastering with human artistic touches applied by professional engineers.

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Mastering Examples

Listen to before and after mastering examples from past client projects. Tracks separated by music genre.

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Mixing VS Mastering

What's the difference between Mixing and Mastering? How do I know which one I need?

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Free Mastering Sample

Mastering Preparation

Recommendations on how to prepare your mixes for the best possible results from audio mastering.

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Mastering Rates

Mastering FAQ

Answers to the most common questions about our mastering services, as well as about all our other services and options.

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Online Music Resource Links

A list of some helpful online resource links for creating, improving, sharing, and profiting from your music