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Have an old recording that you would like to have brought back to life? Crazy Daisy Productions offers Audio Restoration as part of our suite of audio mastering services. Audio Restoration can help revive the quality of recordings that have deteriorated over time, or remaster audio that has been transferred from an analog to a digital format (e.g., from vinyl, cassette, or reel-to-reel to CD, WAV, or MP3).
We also do enhancement/restoration work for voice recordings used in court cases.

Contact us to inquire about our audio restoration project services and discuss the details of your particular project. We will let you know whether or not we can meet your expectations for audio improvements.

restoration work to clean up old recordings


Prices for audio restoration vary depending on the level of work required to achieve the desired sound quality, but typically ranges between $2-$5 per audio minute of material. For old songs that you wish to have the sound updated to more modern quality, see our Audio Mastering page as that would be considered "remastering" and is priced the same as any other mastering project.

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Hear a Sample

Listen to before and after MP3 samples from an audio restoration project. This project involved restoring the sound from a song off a 1950's record that had been transferred to CD. The restored/remastered track was then included on a compilation CD of the artist's work that spanned three decades with new clarity, EQ, and volume levels that were more consistent with the rest of the album.

"I received your re-mastering of my CD today. You guys did a great job! It sounds terrific. You evidently did more tweaking to bring out the organ. When I compare this to the original CD, the difference for the live recordings is unbelievable! Makes you wonder why the original manufacturer of this recording didn't take the time to do it. Its sales probably would have doubled. Fantastic job, and Thank You!"

- Mike Kupfer

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