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As audio post-production specialists, Crazy Daisy engineers are skilled at a number of audio techniques that enable us to bring our clients outstanding, quality sound. Audio editing is one such skill that allows us to fine-tune the timing of recorded parts or rearrange songs or re-use perfected sections of a track and other "magic" tricks that can make the difference between an amateur sounding recording and a truly professional sounding production.

Some examples of where Audio Editing can be useful in an audio recording are:

  • Removing, replacing, or shifting vocals in a mix
  • Changing a song arrangement by rearranging sections, repeating sections, or adding a new section
  • Changing the length or speed of an audio track
  • Time aligning instrumental parts for tighter playback
  • Cleaning up unwanted pauses and distracting sounds within a voice recording

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Audio Editing Service Rates

Standard audio editing service rates are either priced at $35 per hour plus a small administrative fee or on some projects it is priced based on a dollar amount per audio minute (for example $2 per audio minute). Total project price may vary based on the level of service required and there may be a discount for editing on multiple tracks.

Contact us by email or phone to discuss your project or send in your materials for a free evaluation and price estimate.

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