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Crazy Daisy Productions CD mastering and audio services.

                Audio production services to take your sound to the next level.

Online mastering for superior sound results. Professional audio mixing and mastering for all genres and styles. Packages provide combinations of services to help you complete all your music project goals. Information on our other audio services.

Crazy Daisy Productions full service audio production studio.

Welcome to Crazy Daisy Productions.

Celebrating over 16 years of great sound. Serving artists, studios, labels, and businesses worldwide, with thousands of songs mixed and mastered in every genre. Our full service audio production studio provides professional Audio Mastering, Mixing, Track Editing, and CD Duplication services. Our commitment to impeccable service keeps Our Clients coming back year after year.


CD Mastering and Music Mastering for all genres. Give your music the essential final touch for that pro sound! Mastered audio tracks are ready for iTunes, CD playback, and broadcast distribution.


Online Mixing Services for any music style. Have your tracks mixed AND mastered for total sound precision. Full mixing from raw tracks, touch-up mixing, and everything in between.
Mastering Rates MASTERING RATES   Mixing Rates. MIXING RATES
Listen to before and after mastering tracks from recent client tracks. HEAR MASTERED TRACKS   Listen to before and after mixing and mastering client music projects. HEAR MIXED TRACKS
Submit your own track for a free mastering sample. FREE MASTERING SAMPLE   Get a free evaluation of your mix. FREE MIX EVALUATION
Online Mastering Order and File Upload.
Online Mixing Order and File Upload.

Do I need mixing or mastering? I'm Not Sure Which I Need - MIXING or MASTERING?

Come Be A Part Of Something Great...
Add your name to our list of thousands of artists with impressive accomplishments...IMA award winners, NE Urban Music Award winners, international music award winners, legendary music figures, major and independent labels, thousands of YouTube video views, top Billboard charters, television and magazine appearances, major national tours: our clients have made some amazing achievements!

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Mixing and Mastering combination service packages for pofessional sounding results at an unbeatable price. Packages also available with Professional Graphic Design, CD Duplication, UPC bar code, promotional video, and digital distribution through ITunes, Amazon, and Spotify.
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"I exported my mix as a stereo wav file, but it doesn't have the same wide stereo like other songs I listen to do. What did I do wrong?

First, we need to identify that the term "stereo" really has two meanings in the context of audio. The term "stereophonic", from which we get the shortened word "stereo", is used to mean sound that can be ..."

...Learn more about this topic and other great hints on our Audio Tips Blog.

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  • Congratulations to Crazy Daisy clients Rell-Jerv @RellJerv and Youngbodzy @Youngbodzy, both with albums currently under consideration for Grammy nomination for the 61st Grammy Awards, airing in early 2019. Rell's album "Far From Legendary" is being considered as a potential Grammy Nominee for Best Rap Album. Youngbodzy's album "The Rebirth" is being considered as a potential Grammy Nominee for Best Urban Contemporary Album. Good luck to you both!!
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