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Wondering how your music will sound with Crazy Daisy Mastering? Why not give us a try? We are confident that once you hear firsthand how your own track sounds after being mastered by Crazy Daisy Mastering, you'll want the same treatment for ALL your tracks!

You may upload ONE FILE.
If you have multiple files to upload, first compress all your files into a single .zip file (usually you can just select all the files and right click and choose "...compress" or "send to -> compressed folder"). NOTE: There is no progress indicator, but you will be taken to a "thank you" page when the upload is complete.
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Other Options For Submitting Your Track To Us:

OPTION 1: Send using free online transfer service

You can also upload your audio file using a web transfer service such as , , or , or share a folder with us at . If you choose to use this option, indicate the email address of the recipient as:

OPTION 2: Send by email

Email your track as an .mp3 or .wma audio file attachment to Crazy Daisy Productions at (These file types are smaller in size than standard CD audio quality files and can be handled more easily as attachments in email.) For best results, save your .mp3 or .wma file at 192kbps or higher sample rate to ensure sufficient sound quality.

NOTE: The overall quality is typically lower for .mp3 and .wma file types, but the difference our mastering service provides is clear enough that the sample you receive should serve as a sufficient example of the improvement that is possible with Crazy Daisy Mastering. You can expect even clearer improvements with the full CD audio file version.

Visit our Mastering Service Options and Rates page to see all options for bringing the best out of your audio.
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