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CD Promo Pak


CD Promo Pak

Mastering : Graphics : CD Duplication : Digital Distribution : Promotional Video

Introducing Crazy Daisy's exclusive CD Promo Pak duplication package. Our all-in-one album completion service provides mastering services plus CD duplication, graphics service, online CD sales and digital distribution through ITunes,, and even your own Facebook page, UPC code, a video sampler for Facebook, YouTube, or your own website, and even shipping is included - all for one great package price.

The easiest way to get your music professionally mastered, duplicated and selling online. You make the music - we'll help you make an album you can be proud to promote and sell!

Leandra Ramm  Dusty Bradshaw
Artist: Leandra Ramm
Album: One Night With You 
 Artist: Dusty Bradshaw
Album: Looking Back on Yesterday

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contact us with questions  Questions? We are here to assist!
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YOU SEND US: (online or by mail)

  • Audio tracks.
  • CD Promo Pak order form.
  • Digital photos/images.
  • Text for Liner Notes, Credits, Thank-you's, etc.
  • Any directions, guidelines, or ideas you want incorporated into your artwork (as reference).


  • Mastered tracks and professionally designed artwork layout for your album's paper and disc printing sent to you digitally to verify.
  • Hard copyProof CD shipped to you to verify all the audio mastering and artwork layout prior to duplication for initial order quantities up to 200.
  • CD Duplication with your choice of full color artwork package shrink-wrapped in standard Jewel Cases, CD Jackets, Eco Wallets, or DigiPaks, including a UPC bar code.
  • Gold Audio Master CD and Artwork CD sent to you for archiving.
  • Online distribution and sales through ITunes, Amazon, and dozens of other sites including a direct sales application to sell your tracks through your Facebook page.
  • Promotional Video sampler of your mastered audio and professional artwork which you can display on your Facebook page, YouTube page, or your own website to help promote your new album.
  • Shipping includced in package price.
We keep all your materials in our permanent archives so you can re-order more copies of your CDs at any time by simply emailing or calling us.

One package price includes everything you need to release a great sounding and great looking album for both hard copy and digital download sales.

Complete package prirces, with shipping included.


CD Promo Pak package prices
*Quantities of 50, 100, & 200 are duplicated in-house at Crazy Daisy Productions studio. Quantities of 500 & 1,000 are replicated by Discmakers. Shipping is included in the prices shown for quantities up to 200 with no tax required on the order. For quantities of 500 and 1,000 estimated prices are listed here, but the actual final price will depend on factors such as your location for shipping and tax rates.

contact us with any questions  Questions? We are here to assist!
Phone: (541) 517-1458   Email:

order cd promo pakHOW TO ORDER CD PROMO PAK:

Step 1: Prepare Your Audio Tracks

Assemble your audio tracks as stereo WAV or AIFF files ready to upload to us online or burn to a data or audio CD to mail in.

Step 2: Choose Your Artwork Package and Duplication Quantity

Choose from: Jewel Case with 1-sided tray card and 2-panel or 4-panel insert, 2-sided CD Jacket, 4-panel DigiPak, or 4 panel EcoWallet. Select your desired initial quantity to have duplicated: 50, 100, 200, 500, or 1,000. Remember, you can always order more at any time so it's okay to start with a small initial order and re-order more copies later. Your mastering, artwork, and digital distribution setup will already be completed so all future CD re-orders will be for duplication only and won't require another full CD Promo Pak order.

Click Here to See 2-panel
Package Examples
  Click Here to See 4-panel
Package Examples
Click Here to See CD Jacket
Package Examples

Jewel Case: TrayCard + 2-Panel Insert
Duplicated in-house up to 200
500+ provided by Discmakers
Jewel Case: TrayCard + 4-Panel Insert
Duplicated in-house up to 200
500+ provided by Discmakers

CD Jacket
Duplicated in-house up to 200
500+ provided by Discmakers
DigiPak Layout
DigiPak (provided by Discmakers)
EcoWallet Layout
EcoWallet (provided by Discmakers)

Step 3: Assemble Your Materials

Assemble together: 1) your prepped and ready audio track files in either WAV or AIFF format, 2) a text document with your liner notes, credits, thank-you's, etc., and 3) all digital photos/images you'll want used for your artwork.

Step 4: Select Online or Mail-In Ordering

Click on the "Order CD Promo Pak Now" link below. You can choose to either place your order ONLINE and upload your materials to us electronically, or you may also MAIL in your materials.


Mail-In Option: Email us for instructions on mailing in your materials

The typical timelines for CD Promo Pak packages range from 15-25 days from when we receive your raw materials until you have the final completed CDs in hand, depending on the artwork type and quantity ordered. Your CDs are usually ready for sale online within a week of the shipping date and will generally be found on ITunes, Rhapsody, Spotify, and Amazon within 1-2 weeks of the shipping date.


CD PROMO PAK: Mastering,Graphics,Duplication,Distribution Package - PRICE CALCULATOR

All CD Promo Pak packages include the following (unless you opt out of any services in the selections below):
  • Full Album Mastering (up to 20 tracks/80 minutes)
  • Graphic Design (from photos/notes/etc. you provide)
  • Gold Audio Master CD and Artwork CD (for your own archives)
  • Proof Copy CD shipped to you (on packages with up to 200 copies)
  • Online Distribution through ITunes, Amazon, etc. and a Facebook app to sell your tracks
  • Promo video of album to use on Facebook, YouTube, websites
  • Complete full color CD Duplication with barcode and shrinkwrap included
  • All shipping/tax included in prices listed

You may choose the packaging type and quantity for duplication, as well as various audio mastering options you may be interested in. You may also choose a package with no graphic design if you already have your own CD Artwork in Print-Ready format, and/or a package with no duplication if you wish to do online digital distribution only.

Step 1. Choose Options for your CD Promo Pak Package:

Full Album Mastering OPTIONS:

Include variation tracks for this album?   Variation tracks are versions of a full track, such as radio edits, instrumentals, or performance tracks.  Price for a Variation Album when added to a Full Version Album is $199.

More than 20 tracks in this album?  

Add mix analysis for any tracks?   Mix analysis adds a brief report from a mixing engineer with comments on any suggested mix changes or confirmed approval of the current mix before mastering so that you can have an opportunity to revise your mixes, if needed, for potentially better final results.  Price is $5 per track.  Adds 1-3 days to the timeline.

Vocal+instrumental separation mastering on any tracks?   Vocal+Instrumental Separation Mastering allows you to supply 2 tracks per song: 1 instrumental and 1 vocal, so that the mastering engineer has more detailed control over EQ and Level adjustments during the mastering process.  Price is $10 per track.

Add touch-up mixing (stems mastering) for any tracks?   Touch-up Mixing or Stems Mastering allows you to provide up to 6 stereo tracks per song. A mixing engineer and mastering engineer collaborate to provide you with optimal mastered results from your stems.  Price is $20 per song.  Adds 2-4 days to timeline.

CD Duplication OPTIONS:

Choose Package Type and Quantity:  

Let Crazy Daisy Productions assemble your CD Artwork?  

Let Crazy Daisy Productions provide you with a UPC Barcode and set up your online digital distribution and sales?  


Step 2. Indicate SPEED OF SERVICE

Speed of Service   Shorter timelines have increased prices.
Timelines include time required for: mastering, graphic design, ship proof copy, print/assemble/ship all final duplicated cds. Your promo video may be sent to you shortly after the timeline finish. Your online distribution will be set up within the specified timeline, but may appear on ITunes/Amazon/etc. slightly later subject to their own timelines for posting.



  =   $     special notes:
If you need to change any options please repeat step 3 to update the total price.

"I love the design and what a difference your mastering made!!! I can't thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

-Susan Gregg

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